Petition to Preserve the Integrity of Myspace Groups and Profiles

Myspace terrorism threatens communities across a broad spectrum, from atheists to Christians, feminists to Ford Enthusiasts. Let's help myspace fight it!

Short Term Goals: To restore the Atheist and Agnostic Group (id=100002606) and group moderator's profile (id=1120061). To unban users and undelete threads resulting from the moderator's profile being hacked (11/23/2007). To fix the glitch allowing spammers to pin deleted topics (thus creating pages and pages of white space for many groups).

Long Term Goals: To partner with Myspace to ensure that groups attacked by hackers, phishers, spammers and pinheads can be fixed quickly and effectively. To help secure the site in the interest of preventing future attacks against any Myspace profile or group.

We the undersigned agree that Myspace is a private entity, and that we must abide by its TOS. The value of Myspace, however, comes wholly from its users and the content they provide. Many have invested significant time, effort and intellectual capital into building their profiles and groups. Clearly, Myspace benefits financially from the content provided by its users. For this consideration, we ask only that Myspace adopt a more proactive policy toward policing and protecting its members.

We hope that a dialogue can be opened between interested users and Myspace to explore ways through which we can more efficiently monitor and protect users against internet attacks. A better system is needed whereby attacks can be countered more proactively, and where damage can be restored quickly and efficiently. Glitches in Myspace code (for example, pinning deleted threads) need to be patched, and Myspace groups could benefit from additional security measures, like allowing for multiple moderators, or the option to un-ban users. By opening a dialogue with Myspace, we hope these issues can be resolved for the benefit of everyone involved.

Thank you for your time. Please join us in this effort by signing the petition. We do not ask for any personal information.

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